The access of people to the facilities of the Aquatic Park may be prevented, and if applicable, the stay in it:

  1. When the established capacity has been completed with users that are inside the venue of the Aquatic Park.
  2. When the closing time of the facility has been finished.
  3. When someone that doesn’t pay the ticket intends to access the facility.
  4. When someone that wants to access the facility doesn’t meet the specific admission requirements established in the access or permanency rules.
  5. When someone that wants to access the facility or is inside it, shows violent attitudes, especially when shown aggressively, provoking riots or manifesting a non harmonious conduct and attitude and wrong use of the facilities.
  6. When someone that wants to access the facility carries a weapon or objects with the same purpose unless, it is someone in thePolice or Security Forces with the intention of entering to carry out their role.
  7. When people attending have clothes or symbols that encourage violence, racism or xenophobia.
  8. When someone that wants to access starts violent situations or disturbs other people that attend or people that don’t meet the hygiene conditions. In particular, people who are consuming drugs, narcotic or psychotropic substances, or who show symptoms of having consumed them, and those who show evident signs or behavior of being under the effects of alcohol intoxication, narcotics or similar substances, shall be prevented from entering or, as the case may be, remaining in the establishment.
  1. Someone whose clothing may cause a dangerous situation in the attractions or may cause an unhealthy situation in the various attractions or facilities of the water park may not enter or remain in the facility.
  2. People accompanied by animals, with the exception of the ones accompanied by guide dogs, may not enter or remain on the premises.
  3. People carrying containers or any type of glass may not enter or remain in the facility.
  4. Those who do not comply with the prohibition of smoking inside the facility.
  5. Those who do not comply with the specific rules for the use of the attractions or pools may not remain in the facility.

With respect to minors, there are a series of limitations for the access and to stay in the water park, the various attractions and swimming pools, therefore, it is forbidden:

    1. Children under 18 years of age may not bring or consume alcohol inside the facilities:
    2. Children under 13 years of age may not enter the water park without adult supervision.
    3. Children between 4 and 18 years old may not use the pirate ship facilities.
    4. Children under 12 years of age may not use the two slides installed at the entrance to the park unless accompanied by an adult when using the slide.